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Professional Small Recorders
At RecorderGear we supply some of the smallest and sleekest designs of spy voice recorders. These audio recorders are perfect for covert voice recording.
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FD50 USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder
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Small Recorders

  • MQ-L500 Power Bank Voice Recorder

    The MQ-L500 is a powerful audio recorder built into a portable charging battery. The MQ-L500’s huge battery reserve, when fully charged, will allow the device to operate for 14 days in continuous recording mode, and...

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  • VA30 Voice Activated Recorder Pen

    Not only is the VA30 a high quality looking pen, it is also one of the most powerful voice activated recorders on the market. The battery can last for up to 30 days in voice activation mode! In continuous recording mode it...

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  • FD50 USB Drive Voice Recorder (Voice Activation + Continuous)

    Our best flash drive recorder just got better! The new FD50 (MQ-U350) is an upgraded version of our popular FD40 recorder. New features include the following: upgraded body style, double the memory, 24hr continuous...

    $149.00 $109.00
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  • AR100 Keychain Voice Recorder (AR100) from RecorderGear

    Law Enforcement Grade. 15 Hour Battery. Voice Activation Mode   This keychain audio recorder is a "LawMate" branded product and is law enforcement grade. You will know it is a quality product the second you hold it...

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  • The MR7X small voice activated recorder

    Voice Activation & Continuous Recording. Up to 72hr Battery. Small Clip Design   The MR80 mini voice recorder can record up to 72 hours continuously with the extended battery pack (see images) or for up to 7...

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  • KC400 Keychain Voice Recorder

    Hooks on Keychain. High Quality Build & Finish. CD Quality Audio. Functioning Flash Drive.   The KC400 keychain voice recorder is small, powerful, and durable. Easily attach the KC400 to your keys,...

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  • FD15 USB Drive Voice Recorder (Voice Activation)

    The FD15 is a very powerful voice recorder that records in voice activation only. No need to sort through hours of empty recordings, the voice activation captures only what you need. Once triggered, it will record for a...

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  • FD10 USB Drive Voice Recorder by RecorderGear

    The FD10 voice recording usb drive comes in an 8GB memory size, and also has a built in digital voice recorder that records in **CD QUALITY** (WAV format @ 192kbps)! It has a very cool new design casing with 4 color options...

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