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SC450 HD 1080P Multimedia Spy Camera Clock Speaker

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Key Features

1080/720/480P | 30/10fps | 90° Lens
Micro SD Slot | Up To 32GB
Motion | Continuous | Night Vision
7hr Battery | Outlet Powered
Time/Date | Loop Record | 4.3” LCD
FM Radio & Stereo Speakers
Secret Hidden Camera Menu
Multimedia Menu
MAC & Windows Compatible
RecorderGear™ Brand


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  • Not only is the SC450 a high quality 1080P hidden nanny camera, it is also packed with multimedia features that make it a fun product to own. With a click of a button you can access the Multimedia Menu and play music, movies, or photos you have loaded onto an SD card (not included). It also features an FM radio. There is a secret menu for the Hidden Camera function where you can start/stop recordings, access settings, & playback recordings.

    The SC450 is a very attractive looking clock with two 3 watt stereo speakers for awesome sound! The camera lens is on the front and is disguised into the design. There are no indicator lights or sounds while it is covertly recording. The time/date/day displays vibrantly on the 4.3” LCD display.

    Video recording resolution can be adjusted from 1080P, 720P, or 480P. It operates using the included rechargeable batteries for up to 7hrs or unlimited power using the AC Adapter (included). Turn on Motion Activation and use the AC adapter for 24/7 surveillance!

    Additional Resources

    Instruction Manual (PDF)
    USA Surveillance Law Compliant (Read Below)

    Key Features

    HD 1080P | Wide 90° Angle
    Records footage in clear HD video at 1080P @ 30fps 90° angle.

    Motion Activation | Continuous
    Capture footage more efficiently in motion activation mode; it will only record video when motion is detected. In continuous mode, this device records video whether motion is detected or not.

    Night Vision
    Built-in infrared allows for recording in complete darkness at close range.

    24/7 Surveillance | Wall / Battery Powered
    Offers a powerful surveillance solution; since it is powered by a wall outlet users can monitor continuously around the clock. This device also has a backup rechargeable battery that can operate for up to 7 hours.

    Time/Date Stamp | Loop Recording
    Display the time/date on surveillance footage to know exactly when each one took place. Set to automatically record over the oldest video files, so the recordings are never stopped even when the memory fills up.

    4.3” LCD & Multimedia Playback
    Load music, photos, or even full length movies onto an SD card & play them back on the SC450. The LCD is large and displays in full color.

    FM Radio & Stereo Speakers
    Digital FM radio tuner & two built-in 3 watt speakers

    Expandable Memory
    Supports up to a 32GB card (not included)

    Professional RecorderGear Brand
    The RecorderGear brand can promise nothing less than the most advanced, professional grade products on the market.

    Detailed Specs

    Video Resolution: 1080P / 720P/ 480P
    FPS | Lens Angle: Upto 30fps | 128°
    Video Format: MOV
    Photo Resolution: n/a
    Recording Modes: Continuous / Motion Detection
    Recording Segment Lengths: -
    Video Size (Storage): -
    Memory Size / Type: Up to 32GB / MicroSD
    Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
    Battery Life: 7hrs 
    Battery Size: 2 - 1500mAh Batteries
    Remote Control: No
    WiFi Control / App No
    Live IP Camera: No
    Records Audio: Optional
    Night Vision: Yes
    Loop Recording: Yes
    Time/Date Stamp: Yes
    HDMI Output: No
    Data/Charging Port: Micro USB
    Weight | Dimensions: 2.1 oz | 0.7" x 3.7" x 1.9"
    Compatibility: Windows, Mac 
    Brand: RecorderGear™

    What’s In The Box?

    - SC450 Clock/Cam
    - AC Adapter
    - USB Cable
    - 2 1500mAH Batteries
    - Instruction Manual
    - 1 Year Warranty

    100% Compliant

    In order to comply with 18 U.S. Code § 2512 federal law, the audio recording function is turned off by default on the SC450. If you are located in a country or a part of a government entity where this law does not apply, you can enable the audio recording function within the settings menu. Please be familiar with your country and state surveillance laws before using this product.

  • RecorderGear SC450 HD 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Clock, Motion Activated, Security DVR Nanny Cam
    RecorderGear SC450 HD 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Clock, Motion Activated, Security DVR Nanny Cam 02:17

    Available Here: 1080P HD VIDEO / 90° ANGLE - Records in crisp, clear wide angle HD video. NIGHT VISION - Infrared allows you to record in complete darkness at close range. TIME/DATE STAMP - Display the date/time on your videos. EXPANDABLE MEMORY - Supports up to a 32GB card (not included) MOTION ACTIVATION or CONTINUOUS - Record only when motion is detected or continuously record. LOOP RECORDING - Automatically record over the oldest video files so you are never limited by a full memory card. 24/7 SURVEILLANCE (OUTLET OR BATTERY POWERED) - Operate for up to 7hrs off the rechargeable battery or run off wall outlet power for continuous power (AC adapter included). 4.3” LCD & MULTIMEDIA PLAYBACK - Load music, photos, or even full length movies onto an SD card & play them back on the CS450. STEREO SPEAKERS - Two built-in 3 watt speakers FUNCTIONAL CLOCK - Displays date, time, and day. FM RADIO - Digital FM radio tuner.

    • RecorderGear SC450 HD 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Clock, Motion Activated, Security DVR Nanny Cam
      Available Here:
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